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Comfy ski boots for less than £1 per week – Is it possible?

currexSole EDGEPRO insoles are an affordable solution for skiers who want to increase ski boot comfort. Available online, the insoles are easy to fit and are packed with features that will give skiers a more enjoyable day on the mountain. It’s common knowledge that an ill-fitting ski boot can quickly lead to blisters, sore shins, […]

Why our insoles are different from other insoles.

The US Blog AeroGeeks have done a review of the currexSole RUNPRO and it nicely outlines how currexSole insoles differ from other insoles. The article highlights the key technical features and then finishes off by saying, “All in all, we’ve been very happy with our experience running with the currexSole RUNPRO insoles. They were easy to […]

Latest blog from currexSole athlete Emma Pallant

Emma gives us a run down on how her season has been going and also how she battled her way to a fantastic 7th place at the World Cup Triathlon in Cozumel, Mexico. Read all about it here.