CurrexSole support cycling world record attempt

John Thomas in training for world record climb attempt

John Thomas of Alpine Cadence will attempt to break the World Record for most vertical metres climbed in 48hours on August 30th, 2014.

currex are proud to be supporting John Thomas of Alpine Cadence with our BIKEPRO insoles – John will be attempting to set a new World Record for the most vertical metres climbed on a bike in 48 hours or as he puts it THE BIGGEST CLIMB EVER. (current record stands at 28789 metres).

The plan is to mainly use a 1.6km section of road leading to the ski resort of Montchavin-Les Coches in the French alps – he will only have to do it approximately 262 times! This attempt will be the biggest cycling challenge of John’s career and one that will push him physically and mentally to his limit. He will have to pace the ride carefully through a predetermined schedule and use a power meter.

John manages the New Generation Ski School in Les Arcs, Vallandry during the winter and they posted the following:

“He’ll take brief breaks every few hours to eat, use the toilet and get brief massage relief on his aching limbs. Given the difficulty of the standing record he will not be able to sleep in that time. I don’t know about you but two nights without sleep sounds torture enough without the consideration of the saddle soreness, cramp and exhausted muscles. He is expected to burn somewhere in the region of 33,000 calories during his challenge. That’s the equivalent of 126 Mars bars or 275 cereal bars. That’s some serious carb loading in the run up to the challenge as he will struggle to consume anywhere near that during the challenge.

The rules of the challenge are strict too. To earn himself a world record he must complete a series of the same climb repeatedly. John has chosen a 1.6km climb up to the Montchavin ski station which he will need to climb 258 times to beat the record of 28789m climbed in 48 hours. The stage is being officially measured as I type.”

Every aspect of his equipment and training will need to be spot on. currex are delighted that John has chosen our BIKEPRO insole to improve his power transmission and comfort – marginal gains here will definitely make a difference.

John is raising money for Medecins Sans Frontieres along the way so if you’d like to support him please go to his justgiving page at

For more information go to his ‘BIGGEST CLIMB EVER’ facebook page

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