Insoles that allow you to run free? Full review of CurrexSole RUNPRO insoles by Ryan Light

Ryan Light reviews currex insoles on his blog Real Run Ryan onSuper Lightweight Running Insoles May 29, 2014 .

“Since I’m a “minimalist” runner I tend to take out the insoles of shoes when I buy them. I like having the solid feel so that I know how hard I’m hitting the ground, and I’ve found that a lot of insoles give you a higher stack height and I’d rather be as low to the ground as possible, I heard about currex from a running friend on twitter, I saw that they promote a insole for a “natural runner”. Interested in knowing more about how this insole allows you to “run naturally” I reached out to them to see if they would send me a few pairs to test and review. Now I must admit that since I would be classified as a “natural runner” which generally means you are a mid to forefoot striker, i was looking for a reason to give these insoles a bad review – well I can’t! After using them for about 6 weeks with about 150 miles they are awesome! I was shocked in how they do allow me to keep and hold my form while also allowing me to feel the ground when I’m running, I have used them in various training such as tempo, intervals, and long runs. Each time they held up quite well and never lost their firmness!.”

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