Football Boot Insoles. Customise your football boots.

Don’t let a niggle become a real pain.

Football injuries are often the result of impact and or rotation (ankle sprains etc), although other niggling injuries such as shin splints, plantar fascitiis, heel, knee and back pain are also common.

Football boots are designed to help you turn, weave and pass/shoot etc, but don’t always provide support and cushioning that your feet need. That’s where currexSole ACTIVEPRO football boot insoles will help; they are engineered to provide optimal support and cushioning for your individual foot type, enhancing comfort whilst increasing confidence in your footwork.

The Best Football Boot Insoles.

Replacing the standard insole in your football boots with a currexSole ACTIVEPRO football boot insole will ‘customise’ the fit of the boot, eliminating excessive movement and increasing efficiency when performing the start-stop motion and quick turns that are what football is all about.

Our ACTIVEPRO insoles are slim and lightweight and so designed perfectly to fit into football boots.

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Recommended by Anne-Marie O’Connor, Podiatrist to six Premier League Football Clubs including two that are London based.