Win for currex Ambassador at the New Year’s Day Triathlon in Edinburgh.

Alice hector - currex ambassado - on the way to winnnig the Edinburgh Triathlon 2015

What a great start to 2015 for currex Ambassador Alice Hector with a win at the wet and windy New Year’s Day Triathlon in Edinburgh.

Here’s the first part of Alice’s race report in ‘poem’ format:

Come First of Jan, the New Year’s Day,
We have a time for rest and play.
Maybe extended time in bed,
Nursing a touch of ‘tender head’.
A big roast lunch then laze around,
Watching some old film you found.
But there’s a certain type of fool,
Who likes to go against these rules.
They think, “oh, what a good idea
To do the opposite of beer,
And do a tri at Arthur’s Seat
To prove that we are totes elite”.
These silly people, barely clad,
Fight wind and cold and feeling bad.
Swim some lengths, then rush outdoors
And bike and run like Minotaurs.
I was there, and I admit
To being a certain breed of twit.
We do this type of thing for FUN,
Which lo, perplexes everyone.

Read her full race report here.