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Channel 4’s Gadget Man Clip

With a bit of trickery we managed to download the Gadget Man clip – so here it is, in full screen grab technicolor, the ultimate proof you don’t have to be an athlete to love currex insoles – just watch Alison’s face when she tries them on.

currex insoles featured on Channel 4’s The Gadget Man

How cool – currex insoles were featured on Channel 4’s Gadget Man this week. It shows you don’t have to be an athlete to like currex insoles with actress Alison Steadman (the mum in Gavin and Stacy) telling presenter Richard Ayoade that they ‘fitted like a glove’. The producer also called us up to ask […]

currex convert Emma Pallant talks to Sports Insight magazine.

Emma Pallant’s training regime is relentless, often three times a day and results in covering up to 200km on her bike each week, swimming up to 30km and running 55km. Dividing training between three sports means there are less demands on her body and although she is training harder, she is more injury free than […]