Comfy ski boots for less than £1 per week – Is it possible?

currex EDGEPRO insoles are an affordable solution for skiers who want to increase ski boot comfort. Available online, the insoles are easy to fit and are packed with features that will give skiers a more enjoyable day on the mountain.
It’s common knowledge that an ill-fitting ski boot can quickly lead to blisters, sore shins, bruised toes, aches and pains etc and ultimately ruin a ski holiday. Professional skiers tell us that insoles are crucial for comfy fitting boots, but ‘specialists’ can charge in excess of £160 for a custom ski insole – forcing many to do without.

Comfy ski bioots with currex EDGEPRO Insoles

currex Natural Performance Insoles have created an affordable solution – it’s called the EDGEPRO and is a ski specific insole that features a unique arch support to accommodate your foot throughout the ski day. Available in three arch heights and packed with modern technology to create an individual fit, the insoles will ensure your feet stay warm and relaxed inside your ski boots.

EDPROO Insoles come in three different arch profiles

At just less than £35 a pair, they’re the perfect solution, even for those that hire. Having your own insoles reduces the chance of infection too; there is nothing worse than placing your feet in a pair of hire boots not knowing who wore them last. EDGEPRO insoles are antibacterial and will last for over two seasons. That’s less that £1 a week.

And they’re very easy to fit, simply swap them over for the manufactures insole.

currex EDGEPRO Insoles – behind the packaging
CurrexSole insoles were designed by skiers for skiers – Jonathan Hedges the lead developer of the EDGEPRO has over 20 seasons of boot fitting experience. He was also the co-founder of Profeet – Europe’s leading boot fitting lab. When he wasn’t fitting boots he taught skiing. Jonathan says, “We focused on skiers – not racers, people who wanted to ski all day in comfort without losing performance.”