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Getting running blisters is never fun. They are most commonly found on the foot in areas of excess friction and pressure. Running blisters can be very painful and make running/exercise very uncomfortable. The most common cause of friction is excessive moisture or movement. In order to reduce moisture it is advisable to wear technical socks. To reduce movement we need to improve the function of the foot and the way it fits and works with the footwear.

Running Blisters – Symptoms

  • Pain and tenderness on the surface of the skin.
  • Often a clear fluid gathers beneath the skin, creating a cushion.
  • The skins surface often breaks, increasing tenderness and pain.

Common Causes

  • Ill-fitting shoes are the biggest cause of blisters – excessive movement of the foot inside the shoe causes friction.
  • A sudden increase in running intensity or distances.
  • Downhill running, cheap socks and excessive perspiration.


  • currex insoles will hold the foot better within the shoe.
  • currex’s Drytech top sheet will also help remove moisture and movement.
  • Reduce pronation.
  • Ensure you are wearing the correct shoe and anti-blister socks.
  • Use blister relief balms, that allow your feet to slide not rub against your shoe.

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