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Knee pain can occur in different areas on and around the knee but ‘Runner’s Knee’ or Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome is pain that is felt below the kneecap.


  • Pain below the kneecap, brought on by running and generally mild at first.
  • Pain often subsides after running, yet reoccurs as soon as you return to training.


  • Overuse of the knee – particularly at times of increased training.
  • The patella rubs on, rather than glides over the femur.
  • A muscle imbalance around the knee (one side being stronger than the other)
  • Excessive pronation and lack of support from the running shoe.


  • Fit currex insoles to help stabilise the knee and guide it through it normal range of motion.
  • Wear the correct footwear – your shoes must guide the foot, not force or over cushioned it.
  • Improve the strength/imbalance of the muscles around the knee.
  • Stretch to help offset poor tracking or tightness around the knee.


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