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Pain in the front of the leg is often referred to as ‘Shin Splints’, this pain occurs on the outside and/or inside sections of the shin bone. Medial (inside) ‘shin splints’ occurs on the inside edge of the shin bone when the muscle that attaches to the shin (tibialis posterior) becomes inflamed and begins to tear away from the shin bone. This happens when the muscle is working to hard to support the foot and decelerate the arch collapsing from heel strike to foot flat in the gait cycle. This can often occur on the lower third of the shin bone. Anterior (outside) ‘shin splints’ often occurs on the front of the shin during exercise.


  • Pain and tenderness along either side of the shin bone (Tibia)
  • Posterior (inside of the shin) – middle, lower toward the inside
  • Anterior (outside of the shin) – higher toward the front


  • Sudden increase of distance, intensity or changes in running style
  • Hill work and/or change of running surface (to harder)
  • Shoes that are too soft accompanied with excessive pronation


  • Stop running immediately R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation)
  • If you must run, reduce distance and speed. Avoid hills.
  • Wear currex insoles to reduce pronation related stresses on your shins.
  • Ensure that your shoes have the right level of support and are not too soft.
  • Develop stronger calf muscles – and strengthen your tibialis anterior.

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