Sore feet? Skiing, running, golfing or just day to day…

Do you suffer from sore feet?

Sore Feet need currex insoles

We often get enquiries from skiers, golfers, runners and active people who have sore feet.

With skiing this is often because they have pain or discomfort in the forefoot or the ball of the foot (metatarsalgia), numbness, a burning sensation or just general aches and pains from wearing ski boots. This can ruin a holiday.

Runners can suffer from a number of different ailments including plantar fasciitus, shin spints, blisters and other injuries and this can be very frustrating.

For footballers, rugby players and participants in racket sports like tennis, squash and badminton sore feet can also be a real problem. With frequent changes in direction and plenty of stop/ starting, a lot of pressure is put on your feet in these sports.

currex insoles are a solution to many of these problems as they help to maintain good foot posture which in turn enhances your body’s natural ability to attenuate shock.

For example, whn running, your foot has a natural pathway it moves along – our running insoles help you to maintain that pathway as they create the ultimate fit solution: enhancing comfort, feel, function and performance. With skiing, the insoles can help prevent the foot from collapsing in the ski boot and therefore prevent it from lengthening and widening, which can cause discomfort.

currex insoles are an off-the-shelf solution using premium materials. They are easy to fit, lightweight and come in three different arch profiles. We believe they are the best sports insoles on the market and the best value.

Buy a pair now and see how you get on – your sore feet could become a thing of the past.