Cricket. Customise your cricket shoes.

Fast bowlers are ‘Kings’ of high impact on the foot’s structure – when the foot is firmly planted it acts as a anchor/pivot point for the bowlers action. But it is not just fast bowlers who suffer chronic foot pain, hours at the crease or behind the wicket can also add to the wear and tear of all joints.

currex CLEATPRO cricket shoe insoles are designed to help eliminate these stresses by increasing the support of your feet, improving your posture and joint alignment whilst maximising shock absorption.

Good Cricket shoes are stable; there are models for fast bowlers with high ankle support, mid cut for spin and low cut for fielders, batsmen and wicket keepers. Their fit and support will vary from brand to brand, however their insoles are cheap offering little in the way of cushioning and support. Cricket shoes are generically ‘neutral’ (they don’t make cushion, control and stability versions like running shoe manufacturers) and arer therefore not supportive enough for the majority of feet.

currex CLEATPRO cricket shoe insoles will ‘customise’ your Cricket shoe to your specific foot type increasing support and cushioning overcoming many of the problems inherent in Cricket shoes. Common Cricket injuries are often related to impact and rotation (ankle sprain), lower back pain and knee pain. currex CLEATPRO cricket shoe insoles will help provide the solution!! currex CLEATPRO cricket shoe insoles marry your foot type with your footwear, eliminating excess movement increasing efficiency when performing the start-stop motion and quick turns common to playing Cricket.