Fitness Customise your workout shoes

Customise your workout shoes with currex CLEATPRO fitness insoles.

If you love to hit the studio and enjoy zumba,¬† step or other high energy, multi-directional classes then currex CLEATPRO fitness insoles are the perfect choice. In the studio you put your feet under a lot of stress and that’s where the currex CLEATPRO insoles will give you improved support and cushioning as well as enhanced comfort.

Insoles for the Gym

If you like to lift weights in the gym or are an avid Crossfit fan, then the CLEATPRO  fitness insoles also work well for that too.

Insoles for Treadmill Running

And for those of you who prefer to put your miles in on a treadmill or the eliptical machine, then choose currex RUNPRO insoles which perfect for both running and walking.