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currex GOLFPRO golf insoles are designed to help you create a repeatable stance, improve balance and weight transfer (good weight transfer is the key factor for gaining distance).

How can currex golf insoles help you?

currex GOLFPRO golf shoe insoles are not just about improving your golf swing, they help reduce the negative movement that can bring on fatigue or niggling aches and pains. When you consider that the average golfer exceeds 10,000 steps per round you need to keep your feet as effective and comfortable as possible.

The Best Golf Shoe Insoles

All golf shoes vary little in their stiffness and control and most are considered to have a ‘neutral’ design. Their insoles are cheap and generic and offer very little cushioning and support.

currex GOLFPRO golf shoe insoles will improve the position and behavior of your feet thus reducing the stresses and strains that 10,000 steps and numerous swings place on your body.

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