Hockey Insoles. Customise your hockey boots.

The latest Hockey stick will help very little if your foundation is not right.

Hockey is a vigorous sport and lower limb injuries are common. Modern synthetic pitches may have increased shock related injures, but it’s the multi-directional, stop, start twists and turns that leave your feet open to injury.

Hockey boots are designed to be stable, they vary from brand to brand primarily in their fit, feel and support levels, however their insoles are generic and offer very little cushioning and support.

How will currex hockey insoles help you?

currex CLEATPRO insoles are perfect for hockey boots. They are are engineered to provide the additional support stability, guidance and cushioning your foot type needs through all ranges of movement. The result being improved comfort and increase confidence in your footwork.

Common Hockey injuries are often related to impact and rotation (ankle sprain), however Hockey boots are often not doing a good enough job to support our feet and eliminate these problems. currex hockey insoles will provide you with this solution as they marry your feet with your footwear, eliminating excess movement and so increasing efficiency when performing the start-stop motion and quick turns common to playing Hockey.

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