Mountain Biking. Customise your shoes.

Your mountain biking shoes are the key interface between you and your bike. Placed inside your shoes, currex BIKEPRO cycling insoles will support (and therefore align) your feet, increasing power and comfort.

Aligning your feet will enable your knee to track more effectively thus increasing the power transfer of your pedal action while reducing the risk of knee pain.

The Best Mountain Bike Insoles

currex BIKEPRO cycling insoles customise the fit of your mountain biking shoes. Often the primary area of discomfort is ‘hot spots’ leaving you predisposed to swelling. currex BIKEPRO cycling insoles combat this by incorporating a metatarsal dome into its design along with a unique forefoot cushioning system that features ‘Poron’. Together they improve blood circulation thus reducing hotspots and pressure points under the forefoot.

Review from DIRT RAG (the US Mountain Bike Forum)

“If you think about it, the connection between your feet and the pedals is the most important thing between you and your bike. It’s where the power generated by your body becomes forward motion through the gears. Naturally cyclists spend a lot of attention on their shoes, but what is often overlooked is the insoles inside the shoes. Even high-end cycling shoes usually come with wafer-thin strips of foam that add little if any support. They’re like the cheap plastic pedals that come with your new bike—no one really expects you to use them.

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