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Don’t let a niggle become a real pain.

Run faster, longer and in comfort. Replace your running shoe inserts with RUNPRO running insoles from currex.


Research shows that well fitting shoes with high levels of comfort play an essential role in reducing injury, increasing performance whilst maintaining foot health. And there is no better way of achieving this than by upgrading your shoes with currex RUNPRO running insoles.


currex running insoles are available in three different arch heights – each designed to work with your individual foot type and shoe. They are packed with shock absorbing materials and the unique Dynamic Arch Cradle – adapting to you and your terrain. By carefully supporting and guiding your foot, you can reduce excessive movement that impedes you and often leads to injury.


Our insoles are loved by runners not only looking for comfort but also for performance.

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“As a professional marathoner, my feet and footstrike are imperative parts of my performance and health. After trying about 5 different orthotics and insoles over the years, I’ve finally found my match in currex. They’re comfortable, light, and the perfect balance between soft yet supportive, and they allow me to run naturally and fluidly. Thanks, currex, for helping me take my running to new heights!”

Becky Wade, 2:30:41 Marathon Runner, USA (February 2015)
5 stars


“Massive thanks to currexUK, finally no feet pain and no stopping to remove problem orthotics. Comfy feet = Fast Feet

Alice Hector – Pro Triathlete, Windsor (April 2014)
5 stars


“I was pleasantly surprised immediately with how comfortable they felt. They weren’t stiff, heavy or bulky like every other insole I’ve tried. I wouldn’t say my feet are 100% ache & pain free, but they have definitely improved since using the currex.”
Jen Bigham (February 12, 2015)
5 stars