The Best Ski Insoles. Customise your ski boots.

Our currex EDGEPRO ski insoles (or footbeds) are the perfect answer to 100’s of ski boot problems.

How will currex ski insoles help?
By making you boots comfortable. They will stabilise and accommodate your feet in your boots  – in other words, your ski boots will become ‘more you’.

This enables your feet to relax, optimising pressure and edge control. All this has a positive effect on your body, reducing strain on your feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back as you ski.

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Dynamic Arch Technology
Key to the Edgepro’s success is our Dynamic Arch Technology which is the insole’s backbone. The insoles are very stiff (laterally) ensuring great edge grip, yet flex (longitudinally) when under load, therefore you will have total control throughout the turn, absorbing the shocks and bumps along the way.

The main body of the insole is designed to keep you warm and cosy. Additional Poron is added beneath the ball of the foot and heel to help out with intense shocks.

We have a deep heel cup with sticky gel heel retainer (Sticky GEL Grip) – no one does heel grip better.

Available in 3 different Arch Profiles

Aren’t Custom Insoles Better?
Unless you have a specific pathology then the answer is ‘No’.

  • Custom moulded to your foot – think about it, your foot changes dramatically during the day. A custom fit maybe perfect first thing, but not by lunch time.
  • Our materials are very specific and cannot be heated and placed under the foot without serious risk of burning. Custom insole use weaker, less dynamics materials, that are less effective in cold conditions. Our performance materials can only be added during production in a precise manufacturing process.
  • Cost – custom insoles are ridiculously expensive.

All in all, EDGEPRO ski insoles are the best ski insoles for your ski boots. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned expert – currex EDGEPRO ski insoles or ski footbeds will help to make uncomfortable boots a thing of the past.

Why Currex EDGEPRO ski insoles are the best ski insoles:

  • Improved fit and comfort
  • Improved performance
  • Improved heat retention for cold days on the mountain
  • Less odours with the bamboo charcoal anti bacterial layer
  • Ease of fitting – simply remove the old insole and trim to fit

Buy currex EDGPRO ski insoles now