Squash Insoles. Customise your squash shoes.

Squash can be brutal on your feet; it’s a game that requires constant dynamic movement, forward and backward, side to side, lunging, jumping etc. The pounding you give your feet during a game of Squash can lead to common foot related problems; mainly ankle sprains and stress fractures in the tibia.

currex ACEPRO insoles are perfect for squash shoes. They are engineered to provide optimal support for your feet providing stability, guidance and cushioning through all ranges of movement. The result being improved comfort and increase confidence in your footwork.

Best Squash Insoles

Squash shoes are designed to be stable and they vary from brand to brand primarily in their fit, feel and support levels, however their insoles offer very little cushioning and support. currex ACEPRO squash insoles ‘customise’ the fit of the shoe to your foot, increasing support and cushioning and thus overcoming many of the problems inherent in squash shoes.