Tennis. Customise your tennis shoes.

Tennis shoes are designed to endure the stress and strains that are placed on them during play. Tennis shoes vary from brand to brand, not just in the fit, but also the support levels too.

Common tennis injuries are often related to impacts and sudden changes of direction etc. Whilst your tennis shoe may be ‘sturdy’ their generic insoles provide very little support or cushioning for the underside of your feet. PuttingĀ currex ACEPRO insoles tennis insoles will provide you with this solution.

How can currex tennis insoles help you?

currex ACEPRO tennis insoles ‘customise’ the ‘shoe-to-foot’ fit, increasing support and cushioning that your tennis shoes offer. They will marry your feet with your tennis shoe, reducing excess movement, increasing efficiency during the start-stop motion and quick turns common to tennis.

The Best Tennis Shoe Insoles

currex ACEPRO tennis insoles are engineered to provide the optimal support for your feet providing stability, guidance and cushioning through all ranges of movement. The result being improved comfort and increase confidence in your footwork and ball striking.

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