Trathlon- Bike Customise your triathlon cycling shoes.

Get improved power transfer and comfort with our award winning currex BIKEPRO cycling insoles.

To get the best bike leg and in fact the best run time as a triathlete you need to make sure that your legs and feet aren’t completely fatigued going into the run. So in other words, the less energy you put into your cycling the more you will have for your run. That’s where the currex BIKEPRO insoles will give you the extra edge.

The best cycling insoles for triathlon

Placed inside your shoes, currex BIKEPRO cycling insoles will support your feet (and therefore stabilise your feet), increasing power and comfort.

Make the transition to running even smoother.

Use the currex RUNPRO insoles in your running shoes to ensure your feet are in the same position as you move from the bike to running. Designed to give extra support as you fatigue and improved comfort, the RUNPRO’s are a must for all triathletes.