Triathlon - Running. Customise your Triathlon Running Shoes.

Triathlon puts lots of extra stress on your feet than normal running or cycling.  Marginal gains in comfort and performance can make all the difference and that’s why many triathletes around the world choose the currex insoles.

Running Insoles for Triathlon

As you run, your feet fatigue and in triathlon this is even more the case after being on the bike.  currex RUNPRO running insoles for triathlon include a dynamic arch cradle that adapts as your feet fatigue and change shape.  This means that you have more support when you need it.  The insoles are super-lightweight, breathable and comfortable even over longer distances.

And if you are looking for a better transition from bike to run then a BIKEPRO cycling insole for your cycle shoes will ensure that your feet are in the same position going from the bike to the run.