TriRadar Review


Designed by 1989 junior world triathlon champion Bjorn Gustafsson, the Runpro insoles are designed to offer more impact protection while running to help avoid injury.

The off-the-shelf solution comes in three flavours for high, medium and low foot arches, each featuring Dynamic Arch Technology, a nylon support designed to coil like a spring on impact and return energy while guiding the foot. The lightweight insoles were simple to cut down and once in, the additional comfort and support was obvious. The heel is cupped more securely while cushioning on each stride was instantly improved without disconnection from the road. Arches were supported but without a feeling of rigidity.

We can’t comment on their injury-preventative claims, but they certainly led to a better running experience during long sessions than when using the flimsy insoles that usually come with running shoes.


A great option for improved support and cushioning in your favourite shoes

Performance: 5 stars

Value: 4 stars

Overall: 4 stars

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