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CurrexSole Insoles (previously known as Footdisc Insoles) were developed by Currex GmbH, the leading biomechanical company in Germany. Founder, Björn Gustafsson is a former junior triathlon world champion and leading sport scientist, who retired early from triathlon after sustaining a running related injury. He then played a major part in the development of the insoles which help athletes like himself prevent injury.

1989 Björn Gustafsson won the World Triathlon Junior Championship
1989 Björn Gustafsson was 2nd place at the European Triathlon Championship
1992 His promising athletic career came to an abrupt end due to a running related soft tissue injury
2000 He established Currex GmbH – “the king of running” – with the aim of developing and producing leading motion analysis systems and other related products.
2004 Footdisc insoles became a modulated, semi-custom-made product to be sold around the world
2009 Footdisc was voted the best insole above 5 other competitors; described by UK magazine “Running Fitness”
2012 Footdisc was re-branded as currex


2008 ISPO Munich Invention award
2008 Taipei International Medical Exhibition Invention award
2012 The Plus X Award in the categories Design, Functionality and Ergonomics goes to the currex Sport insole System.

taipeiGerman Design Awards plusx Awards 2013


EU patent: EP1844709 for foot print and leg axis cross check system

Taiwan Patent: I315187 for insole structure

M406368 for Electric Static Dissipation insole

Chinese Patent : ZL200610168273.2 for insole structure

ZL 201120051559.9 for Electric Static Dissipation insole

Japanese Patent: 3175102 for Electric Static Dissipation insole

Taiwan FDA Class 1 registered: DHA04401114007