currex Insoles Why use them?

Your foot is a very complex structure, and each time you move you initiate a very sophisticated sequence of events. Poor foot function can affect this sequence increasing the risk of injury. Unlike other insoles, currex insoles do not try to block poor motion with rigid materials, instead they capture and guide your feet to behave in an effective and efficient manner.

10 good reasons why you should use currex insoles:

  • currex insoles are the only insoles designed solely for sport.
  • currex insoles are available in three models: Low, Medium and High arch profile.
  • currex insoles have a patented arch support system to match your particular foot type.
  • currex insoles give you the least forces under your foot.
  • currex insoles are the lightest sport specific insoles on the market.
  • currex insoles enhance the features of your sports shoes.
  • currex insoles improve the comfort of your sports shoes and give them the WOW factor.
  • currex insoles are zero drop.
  • currex insoles improve the function of your body’s own shock absorption system.
  • currex insoles reduce moisture and odors.
  • currex insoles are easy to fit – simply TRIM TO FIT.