Customer Reviews


“As a professional marathoner, my feet and footstrike are imperative parts of my performance and health. After trying about 5 different orthotics and insoles over the years, I’ve finally found my match in currex. They’re comfortable, light, and the perfect balance between soft yet supportive, and they allow me to run naturally and fluidly. Thanks, currex, for helping me take my running to new heights!”

Becky Wade – 2:30:41 Marathon Runner (February 2015)


Now I’m putting the miles in I was recommended a pair of insoles called currexs which when I tried them out felt so comfortable and now I won’t run without them in. It made cycling feel a bit funky because I didn’t have them in so I put a pair of bike ones in my bike shoes too and again it helped my feet get through the hours on the bike and run to bikes felt a lot smoother. ”

Emma Pallant (British Triathlon Super Series Champion 2013 and 14)


I have bought a pair for every pair of my shoes from walking to running. I love these! They are comfortable and durable.”

O Smith (April 2014)


Great for my high arches. I got a pair of these over a year ago. They are just starting to wear out. Have worn them almost every day. Just bought two more pair to put in other shoes. Only downside of these is the cost. There are other products I may try at some point but these have worked well. They have helped to keep me from getting plantar fasciitis again, so they are worth just for that. If you can afford them and have high arches and have had plantar fasciitis, would highly recommend.”

H. Rainey  (February 2014)


Have purchase several different running insoles in my time, these are by far the best. Therefore happy to recommend them.

R Green (January 2014)


These are a extremely high quality product and have provided me with much needed support during my 12 hour shifts in workboots walking along the ballast/tracks. Gladly recommend and will purchase for my other shoes. Very happy!

Mdog, London (January 2015)


These are worth there weight in gold after playing football and running in pain with shin splints for over 10 years I have stumbled across these insoles I am now enjoying my football pain free.

Sandy Shearer (January 2015)


Massive thanks also @currexUK, finally no feet pain and no stopping to remove problem orthotics. Comfy feet = Fast Feet

Alice Hector – Pro Triathlete from Windsor     (June 2014)


I’ve had them for just over a month now and am using them in some converse shoes for casual walking around etc. They’re really comfy and not squishy spongy fake comfort – really well fitted to my foot. I guess it’s the difference between a beanbag and a sofa. A beanbag is really comfy but has no support, a sofa is slightly less comfier than a beanbag but has much better support. I would definitely buy these again (I don’t know how long they will last but hopefully a long time)

Chris, Cardiff (December 2014)


These are the only insoles made for runners. They are a perfect fit in my running shoes. I did their on line fitting and ordered the Yellow profile. They are light, have some cushioning under the heel and in the forefoot. It’s a zero drop so it doesn’t change the drop inside the shoe, its the same and it makes the shoe fit better than the lousy foam insole you get with your shoe.

K Laughlin (February 2014)


I purchased a Run Pro Low Arch a few days ago. I wish to report this is best insole I have ever used; tons better than Surefeet and Sofsole. I am really impressed by the product and recommend it to anyone looking for one.

Dr Babur Yusufi (May 2013)


I just wanted to say how wonderful your walking boot insoles are!
As a professional walking guide I was getting really worried that I was starting to get a pain in my heels every time I did a walk of more than a few miles. Since beginning to use your insoles about 3 weeks ago I have led walks on The White Peak Challenge (25 miles and 1,100 metres of ascent) three times, and the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge (24 miles and 1,500 metres of ascent) as well as a couple of walks in the 10 – 12 mile range. I have therefore walked well over 100 hilly miles in the last 3 weeks and all without the slightest hint of heel pain!

Cath Lee (May 2013)


My son is very careful about his running shoes, but has decided he can’t be without these insoles. They make all the difference in the world!