Q: How do I determine my foot profile?

A: All our insoles come in 3 different arch profiles – HIGH, MEDIUM & LOW. If you aren’t sure what kind of foot profile you have then please use our insole selector to determine your foot profile. If you aren’t sure what foot print you make then walk over a sheet of brown paper or newspaper with wet feet and then refer again to the insole selector.


Q: My feet have different arch profiles?

If your feet have different arch profiles then alsways go for the higher arch profile. eg If you have one medium profile foot and one low profile foot then go for the medium profile.


Q: I’ve been told that I overpronate when I run. Which insoles should I go for?

All our insoles are good for oeverpronaters. The important thing is to select the correct profile for your feet.


Q: My foot profile seems to change?

Research does show that your foot shape and timing (moments) alter as you fatigue so for example if you do the profile test first thing in the morning then go and do a 10K or stand on your feet all day, you may see a difference. That is why we designed our Dynamic Arch Cradle to accommodate these changes as opposed to the rigid arch normally found in a medical arch support.


Q: Which insoles should I choose?

A: We have fi different types of insoles: the RUNPRO, the CLEATPRO, the EDGEPRO and the BIKEPRO.
If you are not sure which insole to select the following list may help:

Q: How do I trim to fit my currex Insoles to fit inside my shoes?

A: It’s very easy to trim you currex insoles to fit inside your shoes or boots. Please take a look at one of our ‘trim to fit’ guides below or download the RUNPRO trim to fit PDF here.


Q: How do currex Insoles work with my shoes?

A: currex insoles are designed to complement all of the features of modern currexcurrex insoles combine the benefits of customized sports insoles (support and cushioning) with the premium shock absorbing materials found in top quality shoes and boots. Athletes who have used currex insoles report better balance, greater comfort, reduce fatigue and increased performance.


Q: My shoes and feet always smell, can currex insoles help with that?

A: Yes – currex insoles feature a full-length layer of memory foam impregnated with special bamboo charcoal (that of ‘Odour-Eater’ fame) to reduce odours and limit anti-microbial (bacteria) problems. The top surface of a currex insole uses a ‘Dry Fit’ material that helps to reduce moisture by wicking it way keeping your shoes dry and smell free.


Q: When should I replace my currex insoles?

A: The ‘Curreva’ cushioning layer in the currex insoles is designed to breakdown at a far slower rate than your shoes. Your insoles should therefore last for at least 1 pair of running/sport shoes or about 350 miles, however this is dependent on weight, running style and where you run (or the way you play your sport, walk, ski etc).

It’s time to get new insoles when the top layer shows signs of significant wear.


Q: Can I wash currex Insoles?

A: If your currex insoles require cleaning then please hand wash them in warm water with a small amount of laundry detergent then rinse them with cold water before air drying. DO NOT WASH IN A MACHINE!


Q: How do currex insoles improve performance?

A: currex insoles create an ideal synergy between your foot and your footwear ensuring maximum forward energy is used to increase propulsion and improve performance. currex insoles will also reduce fatigue and decrease the chance of injuries allowing you to perform at a higher level for longer.


Q: Can I use currex Insoles in different footwear?

A: Yes, you can use your currex insoles in almost any type of sports footwear. You can use them in running, tennis, golf shoes, hiking boots, ski boots, football and rugby boots. Certain dress shoe with sufficient forefoot volume will also accommodate your currex insoles, however all insoles work best work best in footwear with removable sock liners (insoles). Tip: for dress shoes or shoes such as lace up dancing shoes etc the ACTIVEPRO is the best choice as it is they are narrower than the RUNPRO.


Q: How do currex insoles reduce the risk of injury?

A: currex insoles reduce the risk of injury by better support your feet with your lower body to improve efficiently. Not only are you more stable and less likely to sustain an injury but you will also reduce the stress on your muscles as they will not have to work so hard to maintain alignment. The specialist shock absorption materials will reduce stress on the joint and eliminate jarring.


Q: Can I use currex insoles for my everyday shoes?

Yes, the RUNPRO and CLEATPRO insoles (which are narrower than the RUNPRO) can both be used in suitable everyday shoes.


Q: How thick are currex insoles and how much do they weigh?

All our insoles are extremely lightweight, weighing between 32 grams (CLEATPRO) and 45 grams (EDGEPRO).   The insole thickness varies across the length of the insole but they are thin enough to replace the manufacturer’s existing insoles.  If you order a pair of insoles and then they don’t fit you can send them back to us so long as they are in a ‘new’ condition e.g. you haven’t cut or trimmed to fit them.